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We all hate it when it happens. Either it’s just a personal post, an article you gathered info and worked for or an image collection you spent days to put together, it is the most annoying to see it on someone else’s blog, without having your permission or at least providing you a link back as a sign of gratitude for all your effort.

Sure, there are ways to get the shameless people who steal content, but that isn’t the purpose of the today’s post.

Instead, we will look at a quick way to at least get some benefits from the content thieves:  that backlink I mentioned above.

Today I discovered a plugin, created by Joen, which helps prevent your RSS feed from being “scraped” (copied and reposted elsewhere), by adding a customizable message with a link to your original post. The link will appear on the “hijacked” posts and you can customize it the way you want from the plugin’s settings page.

So, unless the other party is manually editing the feeds they are ripping off, it is very likely your link will stay in place, giving you credit as being the original author of the article and a link back as a (very small) reward for all your work.

The plugin is called Anti Feed Scrapper Message and can be found here.

The installation is very easy. Just upload it to your wp-content/plugins folder, activate it and you’re done.

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