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Starting with the last theme pack submitted ( 7 Real estates Theme Pack), superior footer encryption has been added.

Using this method, not only that your links are better protected from removal by those who disregard the license terms, but also the themes will be more appealing to the general audience.

The footer itself is not being encrypted anymore, thus the user may add whatever he needs to his blog’s footer and has less suspicions about any malicious code that might be present in the encrypted code (unfortunately this happened with some obscure theme designers,  so the user’s worries are perfectly justified ).

Anyway, even if the footer is not encrypted anymore, by removing the links of the people who made possible for a theme that usually costs a lot of money to be released for free, the whole theme will stop functioning leaving the “ungrateful” user with just a blank page and a notice that he should abide by the theme’s license.

Special thanks to PlusWebDev @ DP who spared my cute lil’ head a lot of headaches providing me with the needed info and to williamsweb @ DP who suggested this feature.

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